Our Lifesyle Panel has some solid advice to help you navigate the workplace; whether it be office parties or meaningful meetings.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and in addition to family time, gift giving and maybe a bit of over-indulging, many people can add a work party to our holiday calendar. But is celebrating with coworkers really fun? Or is it a stressful obligation?

What makes a good party and what not to do when the party gets started.


Meetings can be great, and they can be grating. Whether it is a loose agenda, an easily distracted colleague or a huge block of time in your calendar, there are many ways a meeting can go wrong and become a waste of time.

it's easier than you think to run or take part in an efficient and productive meeting.


Also, Smart phones, tablets and laptops are a convenient way to stay plugged in to the world and the workplace, but they can also be a distraction. And they may actually make you less efficient in your job.

A study ourt of the U.S. found that university students who typed during lectures didn’t retain the information as well as the students who were taking handwritten notes. The research concluded that typing as fast as we’re able means we can’t process information in the same way, and therefore we aren’t listening as well.