Our Lifestyle Panel focuses on the workplace with insights on identifying new opportunities, pushing for a promotion and is your job worth fixing?

‘Tis the season for resolutions, so should how we do our jobs make the list?

Many Albertans kick off the New Year with some resolutions, but are any of them to do with work?

Whether it’s improving personal productivity, building relationships or keeping on top of your overflowing inbox, the New Year can be an opportunity to incorporate some change and re-evaluate your goals for your work-life.

What to consider when deciding if it’s time for a job change

Changing jobs can be exciting or daunting, and making the decision to stay or go can be the most difficult part.

There are many questions to consider when deciding if a job is worth fixing or if it’s time to move on, and how to make sure your exit doesn’t burn any bridges.

How to push for a promotion without being pushy

Sometimes the change you’re craving might not mean leaving your current job. Instead it could be an evolution of your current role, or even a promotion. But how can you make it known that you have other goals and an interest in taking on new responsibilities?

The key is to be prepared for that conversation with your leadership team.

Our Lifestyle Panel includes: Maxine Clarke, organizational development consultant; Tyler Waye, workplace strategist, author and president of IN.FORM, and Wendy Giuffre, president and principal consultant at Wendy Ellen Inc.