Many of us have done the calorie math on a particularly indulgent food choice, rationalizing the decision by trying to figure out how far we might need to walk later to even things out. But it turns out, that probably won’t work, and you can’t zero-out your calories by exercising more.

If you’re in need of some extra fitness motivation but you prefer to sweat in solitude, technology may have a solution for you.  Vi is an artificially intelligent personal trainer.  The product comes with a pair of bio-sensing headphones, fitness trackers and an app to help motivate you on your solo run.  But would it be as effective as a real person?

Continuing our search for 'alone time', how do you feel about eating alone? A UK study found that eight in ten people believe it’s more socially acceptable today than it was five years ago.  Here in Canada, it’s also on the rise. Open Table, the world’s leading provider of online restaurant reservations, found that reservations for parties of one have grown by 85% since 2015.  Does eating solo change our food choices and does it impact how we eat?

This week's Lifestyle Panel features: Emily Mardell, Registered Dietician, Paul Plakas, personal trainer and fitness expert and Dr. Peter Nieman, author and Pediatrician