Calgarian Ryan McLennan has taken an unconvential approach to finding a living donor to replace his failing kidney; he's bought billboards across Alberta.

The Kidney Foundation in Calgary says they have been receiving dozens of calls in response to Ryan McLennan’s billboards and his call for help might potentially be helping everybody else waiting for a transplant.

With only 4% left of his kidney functioning, McLennan has made his search for a kidney donor public putting up 27 billboards throughout Alberta. He has since then heard back from over a hundred people from all across Canada and the world. However, given his current state of being on heavy medication which results to very high levels of antibodies present in his body, chances of him finding a suitable match becomes very difficult.

The hope is that if enough people are interested that are a match, McLennan stands a better chance of receiving a kidney.

The Kidney Foundation offers a program where donors expenses can be reimbursed. That means that if someone has to travel to Calgary from elsewhere in Canada, or even somewhere else in the world, the Kidney Foundation will reimburse the cost of their air fare, accommodation, meals etc. They offer this service to expand the pool of potential donors for patients needing a kidney.

If you'd like more information on Ryan, you can visit his Facebook page.

For more information on the Living Donor Services Program in Edmonton, call toll-free at 1-866-253-6833 (or local calls at 780-407-8698), or email

In Southern Alberta, call the Southern Alberta Transplant Program at 403-944-4635.

If you have questions, want more information about organ donation, or want to get more involved, you can also contact your local Kidney Foundation Branch and ask to speak with someone about organ donation.

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