Edmonton City Councillor Aaron Paquette was elected in 2017. He is also well known as an artist and writer, and an advocate for Indigenous youth and people living in poverty. He sees municipal politics as a new way to have an impact and create change in his city.

One of his initiatives is Food Economy Diversification (FED). It is in its early stages now, but Councillor Paquette intends for Edmonton to take even more of a leadership role in the agri-food industry, including innovation and research on how to use the land differently. Draft terms of reference for the initiative have been submitted to city administration for approvate, and a section of privately-owned land in his ward is being assessed as a potential site for an agri-food technology park.

Councillor Paquette hopes to inspire people to dream big, and to realize that they can be part of their community in many different ways. And that if we work together, we can achieve great things.