Calgary entrepreneur Melanie Love has made the leap from Bay Street to the runway with her business Front Room.

Her company makes wardrobe essentials for the well-endowed professional woman, clothing that women want to wear and that fits them in a flattering and comfortable way.

Melanie struggled to find clothes that fit, and bought clothes that were too big and altered the rest of the garment to fit her properly, all to accommodate her bust size.

After a lot of research, she realized there was a huge niche to be filled and set out to do so. Now she’s providing an option to women who were struggling, providing clothes that make them feel good and look good.

"We do have a marketing issue in the sense of we can't say "Hey you with the big boobs," so our message is a bit tricky to get out," says Love. Instead,

Pop-up shops have worked really well for Front Room, allowing women to really enjoy the experience.