Teaching kids time management skills, making time for play and the benefits of extending parental leave are all covered by our weekly lifestyle panel.

  • Kids are busy and parents spend a lot of time helping them juggle all of their activities and responsibilities. Iin the midst of all the coming and going, checklists and deadlines, are children learning to manage their time themselves and what role do parents have in helping teach those skills?
  • We’re all busy, but even if it has be planned for and scheduled, everyone needs some play time in their lives, time together to relax, rest and reconnect. What qualifies as play (a hint, it doesn't involve a tablet), and what are the benefits?
  • Plus, beginning in December, new parents will have the option to take more time off work to be home with their new bundles of joy. The current Canadian standard of 12 months of parental leave can now be extended to 18 months, spreading out the existing employment insurance benefits. Our parenting experts discuss the benefits of having a parent at home longer in those early months.

Our lifestyle panel includes: Dr. Ganz Ferrance, Registered Psychologist with the Ferrance Group; Judy Arnall, certified parent educator with Professional Parenting Canada and Diane Swiatek, founder and director of Banbury Crossroads School in Calgary.