Our pop culture panelists Chelsea Bird, Sean Burke, and Josie Balka cover everything from The Bachelor's finale controversy to shoes that order pizza.

The Bachelor broadcasts break up

On this week’s season finale of The Bachelor, we saw the main character break up with his fiancé to give it a shot with the show’s runner up. And by “saw the break up,” we really mean saw the break up: a full, unedited filming of the Arie Luyendyk telling Becca Kufrin that hanging out with her meant losing out on Lauren.

The Man Survey

Chatelaine magazine recently surveyed one thousand Canadian men on what it’s like to be a man in 2018. The found:

One-third of the participants felt encouraged to talk about their fears and emotions by their parents, but another 30 per cent said only if it was necessary, and another 24 per cent were encouraged to tough things out instead.

In hearing women talk about the pervasiveness of sexual harassment, one quarter said they feel nothing, but more than half of the other men said they feel sad or angry. A few also said they felt bored, persecuted, or even guilty.

And half believe to have a close relationship with their kids, bonding through shared interests and activities. However, some also felt their role was characterized as the disciplinarian or bank machine.

What should we take from the results? What conversations need to follow?

Device addiction

Students at Stanford University are calling iPhones and the like a “gateway” to device addiction, and say Apple, as a maker, has the, quote, “unique (capability) of helping us curb our dependence.”

Pie Tops 2.0

This will be the second year Pizza Hut is the official pizza of NCAA. Last year, the company created a high-top sneaker equipped with geolocation to order pizza, and this year, they’re celebrating March Madness the same way.

This year’s kicks are called Pie Tops 2.0. They, like the first version, have geolocation capabilities so that the wearer can order pizza… but they also have a second button, to pause your t-v, when the pizza arrives. What more could our panelists want in a shoe?!