Our Politics Panel puts the Alberta-B.C. pipeline détente into perspective, plus looks at Alberta's hefty $1B investment in upgraders.

Has progress really been made in the cross-border Kinder Morgan kerfuffle?

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley is declaring a “small victory” in the pipeline dispute with B.C.

The premier lifted the wine boycott late last week after her counterpart, John Horgan, announced he will seek a ruling from the Supreme Court over his claim that B.C. can regulate what flows through federally-regulated pipelines.

Alberta looks to by-pass pipeline bottlenecks with the offer of investing in upgraders

The Notley Government is ready to jump into the business of investing in the upgrading of Alberta oil.

It was announced that the province will put up a billion dollars in a series of grants and loan guarantees to help build as many as five partial oil upgraders.

It’s the result of recommendations from the government’s Energy Diversification Advisory Committee. This is a critical issue for the ruling NDP as it gets closer and closer to a fall 2019 provincial election.

Our Politics Panel features: Sheila Pratt, freelance journalist and political observer; Duane Bratt, political scientist, Mount Royal University and Janet Brown, Calgary-based public opinion consultant.