Whether it’s mud or snow, getting stuck is a reality that most Alberta motorists have experienced first-hand.  But getting un-stuck could put your life and the lives of others nearby in jeopardy. 

That was the situation in 2004 when Jordan Roppel’s life was lost in a heartbeat.  The Alberta teen, who was in his final semester of grade 12 and working part-time, was killed while attempting to get a forklift un-stuck. 

Jordan’s parents, Darryl and Tammy Roppel, tell Alberta Primetime that Jordan brought so much pride and joy into their lives.  “He was confident, good natured, happy, kind and compassionate.  Jordan was respectful of everyone and the easiest person to be around… Being raised on a farm, he knew how to work hard and was always willing to pitch in and help when it was needed… young people should never bee afraid to say no if they feel a procedure is unsafe.  It is their right to refuse.  No job is worth your life, and the heartache your family has to endure.”

Now, with the hope that Jordan’s death can prevent other tragedies, his story is being shared with the “Remember Jordan” campaign. The Petroleum Services Association of Canada is partnering with Vern Sparkes, President and CEO of Ditch Hitch to spread the word on safe vehicle recovery throughout the oil and gas industry and among individual Albertans.  They would like people to understand the risks, and to remember Jordan when they are about to attempt a recovery, hopefully saving people from injury or worse.