The impact of federal legislation on workplace harassment, rewarding non-smokers with more time off and napping at work, all topics on the table with our Lifestyle panel.

  • Sexual assault allegations continue to come out of Hollywood, but it should come as no surprise that harassment can be an issue in every workplace. A federal bill introduced this fall aims to crack down on bullying and sexual harassment within federally-regulated workplaces, in both the private and public sectors. What impact could legislation have? And how should harassment be dealt with in the workplace?
  • Grumbling over the extra breaks that some co-workers take in a day to head outside for a cigarette is common, and now a Japanese company has done the math on how much time those breaks really take. Their solution: offering non-smoking employees an extra six days of vacation time each year to balance it all out. Is it an incentive to make healthier choices? Or discrimination against smokers?
  • Research tells us that sleep deprivation affects productivity, but is napping at work the answer?  Tech companies like Facebook, Google and Hootsuite have added sleeping pods to their offices should other employers follow suit?

Panel guests include: Leanne Anderson, Maxine Clarke and Wendy Giuffre