Before the #MeToo movement started to open up people's eyes to sexual assault, an awareness campagin in Alberta had already begun to make change with three simple words: I Believe You.

The Alberta-wide campaign is about how to respond supportively to a dislosure of sexual assault. It's a simple idea; when a survivor of sexual assault discloses, your best first response is to believe.

Launched in 2015 by the Alberta Association of Sexual Assault Services and the Alberta Government, the campagn was launched to offer a safe and supportive community for Albertans to report sexual assault or abuse. With growing public support for sexual assault survivors, Albertans have made them feel safe to come forward and have helped make our communities healthier and safer for everyone.

Since launching, there have been more than seven million social media mentiones of #IBelieveYou and the Alberta Association of Sexual Assault Services has seen a 53 percent increase in new counselling client.